Ingredient Complex

Ingredient Complex

Discover the beauty secrets of Sea Algae known by the best Ocean Spas for centuries and transform your bath into a private Spa experience. Relax – let the soothing fragrances of mineral rich Algemarin, crafted by European Aromatherapists bring a sea of calm and tranquility to your bath for absolute relaxation. Restore – revitalise and rejuvenate with Sea Algae which contains many beneficial marine nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Just a few minutes every day and Alegemarin Therapy will put back all that life takes out of  you.

Algemarin Therapy

The Algemarin Therapy treatment line represents an important innovation for skin care products. With the exclusive ingredient complex Pentamax , together with additional selected skincare ingredients, Algemarin Therapy products provide effective skincare which helps prevent premature ageing and retain a natural balance.

The ingredient complex, Pentamax  contains sea algae extract of high biological value. High quality skincare oils as well as proteins from Wheat Placenta and Acacia Collagen with regenerative properties, round up the effective ingredients complex. With this treatment line Bottger Gmbh has accomplished a decisive step against the symptoms of premature ageing. Extensive dermatologically controlled studies have proved the effectiveness of the moisturising and skin smoothing properties of Algemarin Therapy. Clinical dermatological tests have confirmed best skin compatibility , even for sensitive skins . With regular use, Algemarin Therapy makes the skin appear visibly smoother and more radiant.

Therapy Agents

Among others the  Algemarin Therapy programme contains the following tried and tested  and most modern active substances.

Hyaluronic Acid (natural moisturising factor NMF). Skin related agent (polysaccharide). Effectiveness: high ability to retain water, helps the skin to retain and stores moisture.

Polypeptides (Proteins and Amino Acids NMF) penetrate the surface of the skin , stimulate the neogenesis of cells and improve the natural moisture balance of the skin.

Wheatgerm Improves cell division and regenerates the skin.

Defensine is an enzyme system obtained from Wheatgerm which regenerates the skin and actively “catches” free radicals (chemical splinter products that attack healthy cells, mainly caused by UV rays as well as stress  and social toxicants. These agents, for example Ginko-biloba, already bind the radicals  to themselves when they are created thus rendering them harmless The result is improved and more resistant skin.)

Ginko-biloba is a plant extract which actively intercepts free radicals.

Acacia Collagen covers the skin with a moist film which prevents evaporation of the skin’s moisture.

Jojoba -oil(Buxus chinensis)  contains skin-related lipids . Protects and regulates the skin’s moisture balance and is excellent for the care of dry skin.

Avocado-oil(Persea gratissima) contains valuable natural lipids . Improves elasticity of skin.

Shea butter is a natural agent obtained from the nuts of  the Shea Tree. Optimal skin care is provided from it’s high moisture retention ability and calming effect.

NMF – Natural Moisturising Factor This American term relates to substances or compounds (eg Hyluronic Acid and Amino Acid) which help to retain the skin’s natural moisture. Analysis shows the main components are Amino Acids ,Lactic Acids and Saccharum compound and when included in skincare products these help to raise moisture absorption . The importance of retaining moisture content in the Keratin layer of the skin to maintain suppleness is recognised.

Pentamar  is a marine algae extract with trace elements and NMF which counteracts premature ageing of the skin.

Marine Algae extract(brown algae) ,trace elements ,for example, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc (considered beneficial for a healthy appearance to the skin ). Mineral Salts with trace elements  counteract the skin’s ageing process because of their moisture-donating and protective properties.

Vitamin E increases the moisture retention ability in the keratin layer of the skin, improves the relief of the skin’s surface and intercepts free radicals.

Vitamin A  stimulates skin regeneration making it soft and supple.

Allantoin is a vegetal agent which speeds up the healing process of injured skin and gives normal skin a smooth, healthy appearance.

Panthenol has an excellent moisture-donating effect, reducing skin irritation and promoting regeneration.

Macadamia nut oil from Australia, emulates the skin’s own lipid so is absorbed well