Swimming Pool Additive 5Ltr




It is necessary to empty the pool once every year, clean it thoroughly
and disinfect it afterwards, and the filtering equipment has to
be cleaned as well. Calcareous and dirty deposits which include
micro-organisms have to be removed completely, and the same goes
for cleaning agents that have been used.

Poolmarin is easily added to the water in a liquid form. The water
remains clear, keeps natural transparency with a delicate Adriatic
colouring. Poolmarin inhibits the growth of algae, bacteria and
other micro-organisms. It is absolutely odourless in the water and
does not contain any active chlorine. It does not attack the ceramic
tiles or plastic walls of your swimming pool, and is ‘skin-compatible’
in water without burning the eyes.

An initial quantity of 1000 ml of Poolmarin is sufficient to protect
a 15,000l pool.

To maintain efficient protection 150 ml per 15,000l of water should be added every 14 days


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