Self Tanning Lotion 200ml




This light skin care lotion with marine trace elements and precious
vegetable oils, vegetable squalene, olive, soyoil, avocado oil and
the oil of lady’s smock, provides moisture and relaxes the skin
after a sun-bathe or solarium. A skin-compatible self-tanning ingredient
boosts the tanning effect and creates a long-lasting, intensive
and healthy tan.

How to use: Apply lotion sparingly and evenly on face, neck, decolleté
and even on the entire body. To ensure best results, it is advisable
to apply step-by-step. The product should be used sparingly in the
eye area and at the hair line. After application the hands should
be washed to avoid discoloration of the palms. The tanning reaction
starts approximately two hours after application. Dermatologically


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